Best Takeaway in Britain

Nacho Cheese

The small business impressed judges with their great food, high mystery shopper score and measures taken to cater to customers’ ever-evolving dietary needs.

Owner Lorraine Priestly has Coeliac disease and has led the way in offering gluten-free menu items, she’s also involved in projects working with Coeliac UK to help ensure other restaurants can improve their gluten-free offering. In addition, Nacho Cheese offers vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free dishes, and the packaging used is compostable and biodegradable.

We are so excited to have won Best Takeaway in Britain! It is so important to us to offer exceptional service and food, as well as catering to customers’ ever-evolving dietary needs, and so to have been recognised for this is amazing! We would like to say a huge thank you to our staff for their hard work, as well as our loyal customers, as we couldn’t have got here without them. We are so pleased and can’t wait to continue to have a positive impact on the takeaway industry.”
Lorraine Priestley
Owner of Nacho Cheese
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Judge’s Awards

Celebrating the behind the scenes heroes who make takeaways brilliant, and the Game Changer, for restaurants that are making waves in the industry.

Best Takeaway Chef in Britain

Sugoi JPN - Osamu Mizuno

Osamu has over 20 years of experience in London’s Japanese fine dining restaurants. He blew judges away with his Chingon Nori Taco 

Nori + Taco = Noritaco: A crispy seaweed tempura shell with Japanese Latin fusion filling of tuna, salmon, pico e gallo, lamb lettuce, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive & kimchee sauce

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Best Takeaway Delivery Driver in Britain

The Island Restaurant

Mohammed Miah is always on top of his deliveries, At his first delivery of the night,  a young boy answered the door and told Mo that his mum was not well. He went in and the mother was in labour! Mo called the ambulance, reassured the mother, helped the children with the takeaway and waited with them until the paramedics arrived. 

During all of this, Mo also remembered to call the restaurant to get his other two takeaways collected to ensure the other customers still received their food.

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Game Changer Award

Chris’s Fish N Chips

Chris’s Fish N Chips has already won a fair share of awards and this year they claim one of the top awards of the night. 

Strad and Gina are leading the way in sustainability, they removed palm oil to help with deforestation, they use sunflower oleic oil and have zero plastic packaging. Alongside this they recycle used oil, food waste is given to farms to turn into feed and are actively improving the community by litter picking.

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Regional Awards

We've split the UK into twelve regions and awarded the best takeaway in each region based on public votes, mystery shopping and a submission stating why they should win.